I believe strongly that therapy must be tailored to the particular needs and strengths of each individual.

I think it’s most important to thoroughly understand other’s situations from their perspective before forming ideas and interventions of my own. Most people have the ability to either create or decide upon solutions; my job is to help clients gain the clarity to do so. At the same time, I often offer specific recommendations with client’s goals in mind. I approach psychotherapy as a collaborative conversation between clients and me.

Foremost in my philosophy is that people are fundamentally good and have the natural ability to grow toward their fullest potential. An objective, trained professional can often provide a catalyst for successful adaptation to life’s challenges.


I work with adults of all ages. In addition to individuals, I see couples, parents, families and other small groups. Clients’ issues vary broadly and my work with them is individualized to meet their circumstances. My subspecialties are anxiety and mood difficulties such as depression, bipolar mood states, and anger. I also address with clients their challenges adapting to stressful circumstances including conflicts, parenting issues, and longer term situations such as ADHD, recurring behaviors, phobias, intellectual disabilities, and schizophrenia to name only a few.

Therapy is an investment in time and energy that can be enjoyable and rewarding. Moreover, like life itself, each person’s experience is different. After clarifying your needs, we apply strategies, skills and tools tailored to help you achieve your goals.


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